11 March 2020

Is there scope in Online Pharmacy

What is an online pharmacy? An online pharmacy is an internet-based seller that sells medicines and prescribed drugs to customers and delivers orders with the help of mail or shipping companies. ...

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06 March 2020

10 facts to know before using online pharmacy

Are you hoping to save money on prescription drugs and thinking about using an online pharmacy website?  It’s no surprise: Americans spend more than $300 billion every year on presc...

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19 February 2020

Is it legal to buy prescription drugs from an online pharmacy in the USA ?

Estimated online pharmacies in the US are almost 50 thousand, and surprisingly the US pharmacy market is largely prescription based.  It is a matter of interest to know whether buyin...

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17 February 2020

6 Reasons Why Medical Store Visits are Challenging in the Digital Edge

An online pharmacy can efficiently solve various problems that the customer and the healthcare system face. Over the past few years, the internet has become an established medium to buy prod...

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13 February 2020

The Boom of Digital Transformation in Pharma Industry

The internet penetration with almost 4.9 billion internet users and increased adoption of technology are consolidated to foster added use of e-commerce platforms to order routine supplies. T...

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11 February 2020

Are Online Pharmacies Safe and Reliable?

With increased internet penetration reaching almost 4.33 million people, most of them use the internet to understand their health concerns and some of them also visit online pharmacy websites&nbs...

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05 February 2020

Why Develop an Online Pharmacy App for Your Retail Pharmacy?

Nowadays, customers have become choosy, and they are used to getting everything they want on the internet. The current trends of mobile activity have accustomed them to steady support. Hence, if you w...

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04 February 2020

2020: Tips to Grow to Your Online Pharmacy Business

Accelerated internet penetration across the globe, improved health-care infrastructure, rapid aging of the population, and, rising awareness about e-commerce amongst the users are some of th...

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01 February 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak: 20+ Countries Affected Including India

It has been a month since a new strain of coronavirus leaped in China's Wuhan territory and continued to spread to more than 20 countries. And the epidemic wake, panic is published on universal so...

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24 January 2020

Future of Online Pharmacy In India

India is being recognized worldwide for its IT potential resulting in making services more accessible through computerization and the digital revolution. This has successfully led us to the availabili...

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