As we all know, the level of competition in the market underneath a medical shop is growing day by day due to the launching of many other stores. This hype is because the demand for medicines, medical equipment, and services has increased in recent times. Many pharmacy shops are opting for online pharmacy apps or websites nowadays to capture more customers and market and retain their old clients. An app or website works out to be an ideal and the best digital platform option as the new and upcoming generation age users are more technically and precisely prone to make their purchases thru an online platform itself. 

One app could have all the features you require to run the online pharmacy business successfully. It helps to bring convenience and saves time for the consumers as they can search for the products faster, have multiple payment options as well as better product quality. The online pharmacy apps are easy for aged people as they no longer have to wait in long queues in hot & cold weather at the counter anymore! To launch an e-commerce pharmacy app or website, one needs to have an online pharmacy app development solution to help their consumers use the latest techno with amazing features which can help them to purchase medicines online easily and conveniently.   

Pharmacy app Development Company

One of the experts and professionals in pharmacy app development, EMedStore has always been the one solution for various businesses. A prize-winning health App development company has come up with an even-handed and more effective solution for you. We will make a customized health application for you so that you can make an online record or even reach out to your distributors directly through separate portals. We, at EMedStore, offer a surplus of services to help you take your business to the next level by emerging online pharmacies via website/ applications. 

Moreover, we also offer to develop a more reflective health application with an online pharmacy along with doctor's appointment facilities as well as lab tests. This all-in-one medical App which helps you in offering all kinds of services to your clients. Again, as an Online Pharmacy application development company, we have a superior online medications app that helps Medical companies to reach out to doctors and also lets you send those notifications regarding new and upcoming medicines and much more. 

EMedStore provides an on-demand pharmacy app development service for various business models. Our pharmacy delivery app development solution will help you to easily manage your medicine delivery business online. Being a medication delivery app development company, we developed a pharmacy app solution that can easily quicken the growth of your pharmacy business. Let’s know about some key features of the online pharmacy app/website development solution company offers on the app/website:

  • Quick login: Register yourself directly or login in using your email id/phone number/social media account to get started.
  • Uploading medicine orders online: One can easily click a picture of the medicine order and upload it and wait for the pharmacist to review them. 
  • Payment methods and discounts: There are various methods with the latest techno for your payment methods, just click and pay!
  • Managing the profile: For a better experience under the app, one needs to manage all the details like name, number, address, payment details, etc.
  • Categories under medicines: To divide the medicines and rugs into various categories is just as it’s easy for the user to search and order & also save their time! 
  • Medicine information: Keep the information of the medicines up-to-date with every small detail and then confirm your order. 
  • Refill your medicine orders: Use your previous order history or just get your notifications on time to refill your medicines is one of the key features. 
  • Track your order: After placing the order, know the recent updates about your order which the help of the website or app. It helps to keep the customers informed about the order status. 
  • Schedule your delivery time: Many businesses have this amazing feature under which one can easily schedule the time in which they can post the time which you want at the time of placing the order like between 3 pm to 4 pm or 9 am to 10 am and so on under which they want their order to be delivered. 
  • Help and support: Use FAQs, tutorials, and even the contact us 24/7 option to resolve your issues related to any problem like order-related issues, app-related issues, medicine-related issues, etc. 

So, here are some basic features that an online pharmacy solution to increase your business growth. EMedStore helps pharmacy businesses to go mobile with devoted medicine delivery app development. To know more about our Online Pharmacy - Medicine Delivery App Development Guide: Trends, Challenges, Benefits, Tips, Features check out this link. Our mobile technology experts are capable of designing and developing apps that can introduce pharmacies to mobile technology and let them serve customers for their online queries. Contact us to develop your online pharmacy within just 5 days: +91 63676 58233 / +91 94086 38536 or Mail us at