When business analysts and experts alike warn that the market in general and consumer spending, in particular, will not be the same after the pandemic, We agree. It could be better than it ever was.

"Post Covid-19, Digital solutions that limit people's movement, reduce cost, and yet increase productivity, such as video conferencing, telemedicine, and edtech, will become the norm."   ~ Saurabh Uboweja, founder, BOD Consulting

Business analysts are predicting that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on consumer spending and it is already visible that consumer spending patterns are changing. Nowadays people are reluctant to go outside to purchase anything, especially Medicines. Because Purchasing Medicines or other medical supplies physically carries a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19 as there is a greater chance of coming in contact with asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19, and that is why people are opting to purchase medicines online. Providing people with medicines in their homes means safeguarding our society. Because It will surely help our health infrastructure.

Why switch to an online pharmacy? And why NOW?

If we consider the recession of 2008, lots of new companies with fresh ideas ushered in the market and cemented their place like AIRBNB, while many big companies like Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, etc. with rigid methods failed miserably. Those companies grew not despite taking risks, But because they took risks. Those were uncertain times, and this situation caused by a global pandemic is not a very good situation for the conventional market either. In these times, we need to study consumer spending patterns with great interest. We can not afford to be unbending and say that it will be business as usual, because there are very high chances that it will not, It will be different.

For any business to be successful what matters is whether it is solving problems that are faced by society or not. 

The compelling idea of ?? taking your pharmacy business online is gaining more and more traction as days pass by because it is more convenient and offers a superior experience. And as a result, online pharmacy app development and pharmacy app development services are on the rise. The services and products that we have developed and which have a proven track record of success all over the world, are aiming to solve the same problem that is faced by society today.

Many conventional businesses that have been replaced by other models did not become obsolete overnight, there were moments when the market was heading in a new direction, but they did not jump on the bandwagon. In this competitive market, it is necessary to time your business well. It is precisely in these moments that the durability of businesses is tested. Services like Online Pharmacy, Telemedicine, Diagnostic booking or Lab appointments, etc. have become a new normal. In addition to having business-ready solutions, we at EMedStore have an experienced team to navigate and guide you through it for you. Visit our website to learn more.

Why Online Pharma Applications are on the rise:


  • They allow consumers to get their medication without going outside and risking their lives.
  • Placing orders is very easy, they upload the medicine order and get it delivered to their doorstep.
  • A clean user experience encourages them to purchase more from the App.
  • Maintain a record of customer orders securely.

To learn How Medicine Delivery Apps Can Transform Healthcare check out this link.

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