25 November 2020

How to Implement Telemedicine in Hospitals or Clinics in 8 easy steps?

The demand for Telemedicine is exponentially rising from patients, and therefore Hospitals and Clinics have started to look for Telemedicine app development. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), or T...

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05 November 2020

How Indian E-pharmacies Operate and What are the Rules and Regulations Governing Them?

Many factors have contributed to the adoption, growth, and surge of e-pharmacies across the globe. Ever-changing customer preferences, COVID-19, increased technological awareness, and enhanced conveni...

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23 October 2020

Online Pharmacy Solution: By Online Medicine Delivery You Can Increase Your Pharmacy Sales

The growth of the Internet and smartphone users have prompted many traditional businesses to integrate technology into their business operations, which enables them to serve customers efficiently and ...

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12 October 2020

Why Your Pharmacy Should Become ePharmacy?

India is rapidly moving towards digital, or we can say that it has already become digital. The digital infrastructure is inclusive of online shopping,  online payment, and online healthcare among...

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08 October 2020

Top Features of our Online Pharmacy App

Designing and developing a good app for pharmacies is a tough task because it consists of both over-the-counter (OTC) products and prescription drugs. But, having considerable experience in pharmacy w...

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02 October 2020

It’s time for Healthcare Services to Move Online

Technology has always influenced the way of living for individuals and the way of doing for businesses, and health care is no exception to this. In fact, the pharma industry has not been far behind in...

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28 September 2020

What Are The Main Advantages Of Online Medicine Apps?

Medicine delivery apps offer many advantages to all the stakeholders involved. The customers and pharmacy owners have a lot to gain by switching to online pharmacies. In this article, let's look a...

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25 September 2020

Benefits of Telemedicine in Rural Areas

Telemedicine is quickly cementing its place in mainstream healthcare in urban areas. And it is set to transform rural healthcare as well. As with any new technology, it has many challenges to face, an...

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22 September 2020

Different Types of Online Pharmacy Business Models

Though all the online pharmacies provide similar kinds of services, their business models are vastly different. Some companies have offline stores as well as online stores while others only have an...

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18 September 2020

Why Online B2B Marketplaces are Becoming Popular in India?

The Business-to-Business (B2B) market across the world in general and in India in particular, is rapidly adopting the online B2B marketplace. One may ask a question about why India is deemed as the ho...

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