31 August 2020

Role of IT in the Pharma Industry

Technology has helped the pharma industry immensely. Not just in mass production of medicines and health devices but also in improving healthcare. And the role it has played in the research field is u...

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18 August 2020

How To Sell Medicines Online?

Due to advancement in technology the e-pharmacies are growing at a rapid pace. The already increasing e-pharmacy market is predicted to grow further almost 5 times up to $ 128 billion by 2023. Due to ...

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11 August 2020

How To Expand Your Business In Times Of COVID-19

When business analysts and experts alike warn that the market in general and consumer spending, in particular, will not be the same after the pandemic, We agree. It could be better than it ever was. ...

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29 July 2020

Key Features Of Our Medicine Delivery App Development Solution

CUSTOM SOLUTION FOR EVERY ONLINE PHARMACY BUSINESS As we all know, the level of competition in the market underneath a medical shop is growing day by day due to the launching of many other stores. ...

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22 July 2020

Which are the good companies to design eCommerce websites and mobile applications for pharmacy shops

DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE & APP FOR PHARMACY BUSINESS WITH THE BEST! Nowadays, with the help of the internet, the way of doing business has changed drastically! Each company in different sectors can ...

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18 July 2020

Why Every Pharmacy Shop Needs An e-Commerce Websites

REASONS FOR YOUR PHARMACY BUSINESS TO DEVELOP E-COMMERCE WEBSITE. Customers nowadays will not hesitate for transactions with a company which does not have a strong online presence on e-commerce pla...

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03 April 2020

Are there any points I need to take care before starting an online pharmacy business?

Online pharmacy is growing these days and most of the patients liked to purchase medicines from the online portal. It is likewise useful for both pharmacists and patients. According to the report of&n...

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01 April 2020

How online pharmacies are improving patient's lives

“Pharmacists are turning into the main port of call for patients with less affected diseases as online pharmacies take a more noteworthy share of dispensing drugs and GPs grumble of increasing p...

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24 March 2020

Read this before you go for online pharmacy business

An online pharmacy sells prescriptions over the web and gives patients the alternative to talk to a pharmacist either online or via telephone instead of truly visiting a store. With up to half of indi...

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20 March 2020

How pharmacy application will help you to grow your pharma business while all other industries are facing big loss due to Corona virus disease?

AS THE NEW CORONAVIRUS spreads death, illness, and catastrophe around the globe, virtually no economic sector has been saved from harm. However amid the disorder from the worldwide pandemic, one ...

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