The internet has revolutionized the way people buy things. We can now do our shopping from the comfort of our homes, and there’s no need to leave the house if we don’t want to. Most of the purchases are made exclusively via online e-commerce platforms or online platforms of retail stores. But what about when you want to buy your medicine? Well, that’s where the online pharmacy platform comes in. They’ve made getting medicine easy and convenient for anyone who wants to get their medicines conveniently.

Online pharmacy is a growing trend in the world of medicine. People prefer it because they can buy medicines from anywhere. Conventional pharmacies are generally located only in large cities and towns, while online pharmacies can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Several reasons make online pharmacies more popular than conventional ones.

When it comes down to it, there are pros and cons for both types of pharmacies: online pharmacies have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing is sure: the benefits of online pharmacies outweigh their disadvantages, and by a good margin!


Now, let us dissect this comparison, and assess the parameters that differentiate between online pharmacy and Conventional Pharmacy:



     1. Speed:

Online pharmacies can deliver medications faster than conventional pharmacies due to their technology-based infrastructure. They save time a lot. It takes just a few steps, and your order is done. Whereas in the conventional pharmacy, it is a lengthy process that involves traveling and waiting for your turn.

     2. Better pricing:

Conventional pharmacies typically require that you pay for your medication beforehand, but online pharmacies do not require this at all. Instead, they will calculate the cost of your medication and then send it to you for approval. Once you approve the order, then only they will process the order. This means you will save money using an online pharmacy instead of a conventional one!

     3. Convenience:

In a conventional pharmacy, you need to go there physically to purchase your medicines. You will also have to wait a long time before your order is fulfilled. With online pharmacies, you can quickly get everything you need without leaving your home or office. You can even get your orders delivered right to your doorstep.


     4. Availability:

Typically, there’s no difference in the availability of medicines in both pharmacies. However, some medications can only be purchased from a traditional pharmacy since they require special handling or storage conditions that make them unsuitable for home delivery. In rare cases like these, online pharmacies generally request their customers to collect the medicines from their physical store. 
In some areas, however, online pharmacies are restricted from selling narcotic medicines, tranquilizers, and Schedule X medicines.

     5. Privacy:

Another parameter where an online pharmacy shines over a conventional one lies in the privacy factor; users don’t have to go out physically to purchase their medicines, so they do not need to face the stigma associated with purchasing some medicines, such as those for mental health.


     6. Assistance:

The only area where conventional pharmacies shine is that when you purchase your medicines from there, there is always a pharmacist that explains to you how and when to take your medicines. This is done by some online pharmacies as well, but it fails to have the same effect as personal touch in a conventional pharmacy.
Online pharmacies try to compensate for this by providing detailed medicine info in the medicine description section.

     7. Comparison:

The other advantage of using an online pharmacy is that you can compare different products and choose what will be the best fit for you. This way, you will not waste money on products that do not work or are simply expensive.

     8. Organised System:

There are instances when some medicines are available within the store, but it takes forever to find them. In some cases, those medicines are discovered after they’ve expired. This is a common occurrence in the traditional pharmacy because they have to manage huge inventory. Online pharmacies have a product sorting mechanism involving RFID tags that allows them to find medicines quickly.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Pharmacy:

Online pharmacies have come a long way in recent years. A few years ago, they were not even on par with conventional pharmacies, but now they even offer better functionalities and deals than their offline counterparts. Now, what are the advantages that online pharmacies have over traditional pharmacies? Let us take a look at them.

  • Enable pharmacists to get more medicine orders.
  • Easy to get refill orders from chronic patients.
  • Deliver an excellent user experience.
  • Attract new clients.
  • Automatically send refill reminders to your customers.
  • Enhanced customer support.
  • Maintain a record of customer orders safely.
  • Store medicine orders securely.
  • Send bulk notifications & emails.
  • Provides detailed analytic reports.
  • Provides information about the substitute salt for medicines and medicines.
  • Improved marketing options.
  • Higher revenue generation.

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