Pharmacy app development can benefit pharmacists in many ways. Firstly, it can help them reach a wider audience and develop a more loyal and satisfied customer base. It can also help them expand their pharmacy business. Well-developed pharmacy apps allow pharmacists to manage customer data, customer orders, and payments.

What is the state of pharmacy Apps today?

The Healthcare sector, like all major sectors, has been growing by leaps and bounds with the advent and integration of modern technology. The technological adoption in healthcare has been growing for the last few years, and it is performing considerably well. The wide adoption of apps in the pharmacy sector has been the norm. Which is evident from any of the stats you look at.
Online pharmacy sales, estimated at 70.11 billion US dollars in 2021, are expected to grow to 182 billion USD by 2027. The forecast period will see a steady CAGR of 17.26%.

Global growth in online pharmacy markets is driven by the regulatory framework, product innovation, penetration into new markets, and increasing interest from pharmaceutical companies in OTC medications. Other reports also cited increased awareness about online services and increased internet penetration. Let us look at the key drivers for this exponential growth so that we can know more about the reasons for the impressive growth.

Online Pharma Apps Growth Drivers:

These are just a few of the many factors that have led to an explosion in the popularity of online pharmacy apps development, such as:

  • Significant increase in awareness and demand for self-medication
  • Collaboration among stakeholders is encouraged
  • Increased competitive prices, increased promotion, and new business models
  • Improvement in direct-to-patient medicine sales
  • Electronic medicine orders are now possible
  • Online payments are more reliable and offer greater security and efficiency.

Benefits of Pharmacy Apps:

  • Faster customer support
  • Personalized customer offers
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Better ROI
  • Improved scalability
  • Competetive advantage
  • Improved brand recognition

Although there are plenty of reasons mentioned above why pharmacy app development is crucial for healthcare, let's talk about some of the underrated 5 reasons why it is the case.

5 Reasons for Pharmacy App Development:



1) Targeted Offers:

In addition to all the major benefits, it can also enable pharmacists to know what their customers are putting in the cart but not buying them ultimately. By knowing this information, pharmacists can target those customers with offers for those medications. This targeted marketing can be very effective and serves two purposes: it improves customer satisfaction and provides valuable insights to pharmacists.

Gaining actionable insights into your customers' buying patterns and their likes and dislikes fills a crucial gap in the customer buying experience.

Pharmacists can also utilize this data in sending push notifications to the users and notify them about running and upcoming offers. The level of engagement this can generate seems several times higher than that of traditional medium. Therefore, a good online pharmacy app can make it possible to attract many more users.


2) Partnership: 

Besides delivering essential medicines and information, pharmacists can leverage the pharmacy app by partnering with third-party merchants to sell their products on the platform. They can charge per product sold and enable an additional revenue stream. Pharmacists can also earn money by placing ads on different vendors or companies.

By developing a pharmacy app, pharmacists open doors for many opportunities to grow their business and establish a reliable revenue stream.


3) Streamlined Business:

Pharmacy apps can drastically reduce phone calls for pharmacists and patients by simplifying the communication process. Pharmacists can send updates, like order updates, order status, etc., directly to their inboxes. Moreover, a pharmacy app can allow customers to refill their medicine orders right from the convenience of their own homes with just a few clicks on the app.

Furthermore, pharmacists need not be worried about repetitive daily operations because they can be performed efficiently with the pharmacy app.


4) Brand Recognition:

By using a pharmacy app for your business, you have an opportunity to stand out from your competition and build your brand in such a way that your customers love to be associated with it. They will frequently include the logo of your app in their app list, which will allow you to always be at the center of attention.

Nowadays, having a physical pharmacy is no longer enough to help maintain brand recognition. An SEO-friendly pharmacy mobile app is crucial as it can be more effective in brand recognition than traditional methods. The pharmacy app is a great platform to promote your brand and sell online.


5) Integrations: 

When we talk about pharmacy apps, people sometimes think we are talking about an app that can only enable you to sell medicines online. No. Pharmacy apps can do much more things than that. Let us see some things that can be achieved by integrating your pharmacy app with other technologies.

The use of modern technologies has come a long way now, and it has now made healthcare much more advanced and efficient. Today, thanks to modern technological interventions, we have trailblazing feature-rich solutions at our disposal.

Technology can not only improve individual processes like order processing, inventory management, customer services, etc., but it can integrate all those processes to provide valuable data analytics and market predictions. They make businesses robust.

Let us take one such example:

If you have ERP implemented in your pharmacy store, you can know about the stock in real-time and plan for replenishment.
Imagine how convenient this can be. This will enable more transparency and efficiency.

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We have seen how pharmacy app development by EMedStore will be beneficial to the pharmacy store. It can streamline your business, boost sales and build customer loyalty. However, that will only happen if you build an app that includes the right features and functionality. Like, your app should be easy to use should have a very low learning curve, and cover all the necessary features.

That is why we recommend consulting experts in this domain so that you can build a pharmacy app that your customers will love using. Contact EMedStore to build a pharmacy app for your pharmacy and Request for Free Demo.