EMedStore prides itself on delivering functional solutions, warranted. Our core values dictate that we correct any defect, in any solution we create. This is done without any additional fee in limited warranty Period defined in the contract.


EMedStore warranties its own software code and will resolve any functional or technical software defects that are related to our own code. Our code includes html, scripting, javascript, jquery and database that was developed by EMedStore. Any submitted defect also must be related to contracted project scope. The warranty provides assurance that the software will meet the functional specifications. This warranty covers for any bugs (programming errors) reported to Custom Software after go-live deployment. Any bugs reported within this time period will be fixed at no additional charge to the client. The period begins on the date the Client's software is available to be published to the live environment. Priority maintenance and support agreements are separately available to client to ensure rapid response and level A support for all submitted requests, if applicable.


EMedStore does not warranty any issue caused due to server limitations or changes/product is not covered in the warranty. Any bugs related to 3rd party servers, operating systems, 3rd party database integration, web browsers, 3rd party software (including open source cms and frameworks), 3rd party plug-ins are not cover under the warranty. If EMedStore code, including any file, html, script, text or database is modified or new code/html/text is added, by Client or 3rd party, without prior written permission of CSL, the warranty will be deemed null and void. The warranty is also nulled if any backup restore or rebuild of application is needed and done without express written consent of EMedStore. This warranty does not include fixes for issues related to new browser versions that were implemented after project start or older browser versionsthat are no longer supported by the manufacturer. EMedStore is not responsible for ensuring all requested functionality by client is compatible with all future browser versions and additional charges may apply to modify or resolve potential browser issues.


The right to warranty is forfeit if the web application, mobile app or custom software source code is accessed or modified by any third party company for any reason. This includes any changes that are directly make to any project file including but not limited to .html, .htm, .js, .php, .aspx, ,tpl, .sql, ,css, .xml, .txt, .jpg, or .png. The warranty will not be honored if any of the client payments are over-due or any monies have beencharged back or rescinded.

Support Hours:

We provide support from Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM IST with the exception of EMedStore holidays.

If Customer requires support outside of normal support hours, this can be arranged on a case by case basis and is subject to the availability of the support engineer and may require a minimum of 48 hrs. Advance notice and will be at the sole discretion of the EMedStore.

The Client may open a new Support Incident by calling our telephone support phone number (For Critical), emailing a technical support engineer or submitting a form online. Support assistance may either be delivered by the telephone, by the email or by the remote assistance via a web meeting. We respond to the Support Incident for non-customized product in accordance with the Support Response Times section mentioned in the proposal or support agreement. Below is our support process diagram.