Medicines are an essential requirement of everybody's life. Everybody needs it. But going to the pharmacy isn’t a fun experience. It is a fact that patients hate waiting in line for their medicines. And it turns out to be all the more disappointing when after holding up in line you came to know that specific medicine is not in stock.

However the most recent couple of years, the Uber model of on-demand delivery being applied to offer door-step delivery of medicine order medicines. There are more than several on-demand pharmacy starts-up in India. They are growing at an exponential rate both in revenue and Number.

Why do we Need on-demand Pharmacy applications?

You have been ordering food, taxi, grocery, clothes, furniture, and substantially more products and services at your doorstep so why not meds which is one of the fundamental necessities of your life. Today, Technology is changing the distribution patterns of all that we need. Uber's model of on-demand delivery has changed door-step delivery methods. So what are the reasons why customers are going for on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery apps?

  • It’s very convenient
    • Today more people are connected to the internet, because of smartphones and tablets. So with an on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery app, now anybody can order medicines with a legitimate medicine order. Now no need to hang tight in a long line for your medicine order medicines.
  • Opened 24/7
    • Most of the medical shops probably won’t be opened 24/7, yet with an on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery application, customers can order prescribed medicines whenever and anyplace.
  • Out-of-stock
    • Visiting a medical store doesn’t give you the surety to get the medicines your doctor has recommended you. Assume you visit a medical store, held up in line, and then you come to know that the medication you are searching for is out-of-stock. However, with on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery applications, you can check medicines online from your home and can order from another store.

Key Players in the market

Here we are listing certain players dealing in the same business and have seen accomplishments with this innovative thought of on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery app.

  • Pillpack
  • Netmeds
  • 1mg

Enhance your business by allowing customers to track orders in real-time

We took things to the next level by presenting a real-time order tracking system in our Online pharmacy app development stage. Through our application, a patient can likewise track their medicine orders. This is an uncommon feature of our application which is available in very limited and big brand applications like Uber and Dominos. With the introduction of the tracking system, Dominos saw an expansion of 20% to 40%, depending upon the area, in its deals. This system helped increase its market share.

So this article clarified that on-demand ordering and delivery applications are standouts among the most profitable businesses present in the industry. It is not so basic today, so it’s a brilliant opportunity to grab the chance to take your dream of entrepreneurship to the real world. Check out Eight exciting stages of online Pharmacy app development

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