The technological revolution in India has been a little late as compared to other more developed countries. In this day and age, being even a few months behind in the latest trends can make you lose out on a number of different developments. A recent boom in startups and Indian web-based companies has created a lot of demand in the web and application market. People are slowly starting to become tech-savvy. A large number of customers are buying smartphones to use these web and mobile-based apps.

However, the primary market for medicine and medical services in India is used by customers between the age of 40-70. This is because with old age comes a long list of unavoidable medical problems that need to be treated. This particular age group in our country has not yet adopted the tech revolution to its full extent. Most people in the age group still do not use smartphones and web services. Part of this is because of the culture in which they were brought up. The tech revolution has come so fast in such a less time, that it is difficult for people to adopt it in such a short span. This is especially true in this age group, where people have been doing things the normal way for years. A lack of adequate customers has been one of the main reasons for not any major online pharmacies in the country.

However, this is changing. With the high technology adoption rate in our country, it is not long before most of the country will be online. This is the best time for companies that provide services targeted at the 40-70 age group to start building a presence online. With the number of customers entering the Online Pharma Market every day, it won’t take much time for business to boom and for many companies to pop up in various regions. Also, check out Will Online Pharmacies Work in India, and are they Even Legal?

As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm”. So be one of the first few companies to enter the Online Pharma Market and save a sweet spot for the ride to come. Contact EMedStore to get started.

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