An online pharmacy also known as mail-order pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the internet. Its stock of medicines is displayed over the internet, the customers can select whatever medicine they are looking for on an App that runs on their phone and place the order by adding the particular medicine to their shopping cart. To develop the App the company in question has to be a Pharma IT Company that is proficient in using various IT tools to develop the app and also has extensive knowledge of the latest medicines in the marketplace. EMedStore is one such Pharma IT Company.

High ROI!

EMedStore is a Medical store website development company that has used IT tools effectively to come up with a brilliant app for the sake of its consumers. The ease of handling this app plus the host of features it provides gives it a distinct edge over its competitors. EMedStore invites pharmacies from all over India to go digital and open an account with it. It is ROI proven and therefore guarantees a good return on the pharmacy's investment. It takes very little to open an account with EMedStore and the profits start pouring in almost immediately. EMedStore is a readymade business where the company has taken care to cater to every need of the pharmacy. And because it's readymade the pharmacy owner himself doesn't have to rack his brains with complicated computer coding or use any tough website development tools, like mentioned earlier he simply has to pay a nominal amount to open an account with the Pharmacy app development company. 


So what really gives EMedStore an edge over its competition? Firstly it provides an extensive database of medicines it has in stock so there is no need for manual searching at the customer's end. But then that is not the only benefit it provides. Once you are logged on to the app you can even upload your medicine orders directly from your phone. Consider this you could be miles away from the pharmacy and your home but if you are carrying your medicine order in your pocket, all you have to do is click a photo of the medicine order with your mobile phone camera, upload the photo on the app, and then click the ‘send' button and in a fraction of a second the medicine order would be delivered to the pharmacist. On the pharmacist's end, it provides the benefit of not having to handle the medicine order manually and there is no risk of loss of the medicine order as he is carrying the same on his phone. He can then go about dealing with the orders on a ‘first come first serve basis' or he might want to first execute the orders of medicines that are easily available and save those for which he has to reorder to his distributor for a later date. He can with the help of messaging (which the app provides) get back to the customer to tell him that his order might take a day or two more to execute.

Such is the nature of EMedStore! Both the pharmacists and the customers are beginning to see light and are fast turning to the online mode of shopping for their medical needs. To know more information about online pharmacy app development and why to choose EMedStore check out this link.

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