We have updated the application and Admin dashboards with new features and the UI based on the feedback that we have been receiving so far from our existing customers.

Be a part of the unique family of ePharmacy and the healthcare platforms by joining us.

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What you’ll get?

1. Updated UI
An all-new UI design that lets you have a seamless app experience.

2. Category Filters
An improved & advanced category filter for quick product selection.

3. Advanced Search-bar
One search, for everything (say goodbye to multiple search bars)

4. Cool Navigation
A cool new way to experience pharmacy online ordering and some other surprise features!

5. Multiple Login Possibilities
Now, you can log in through email or phone! How cool is that?

6. Instant Order Confirmation
No need to wait for the order confirmation? Place your order and get confirmation instantly!

7. Smart Dashboard
Fast navigation, quick product data update, Modern UI.

8. Very Light-weight Native App
Light-weight online pharmacy app that can be accessed on any Android device without any hassle.

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