Designing and developing a good app for pharmacies is a tough task because it consists of both over-the-counter (OTC) products and medicine order medicines. But, having considerable experience in pharmacy website development and online pharmacy app development, and combined experience of working in more than 34 countries and 15+ years at our disposal we have made online pharmacy solutions covering all the important features related to pharmacies.

Medicine delivery apps offer many advantages to all the stakeholders involved. The customers and pharmacy owners have a lot to gain by switching to online pharmacies. And to ensure that all your customers access your online pharmacy, it is recommended practice to have an android app, iOS app, and a website.

Let's explore the features of our solution for pharmacies that offer important features to enable customer convenience and business expansion.

User Login and Signup:

Simplified interface for the onboarding customers and login option for registered customers.

Forget & Reset Password:

If you suspect unauthorized login or you want to change your password, you can easily do that from here.

Search & Buy Medicine:

With the EMedStore pharmacy app, customers don’t have to scroll through the catalog of all the medicines, they can easily search for what they want. You can even see the composition and brands of the medicine before you can put them in your cart and buy them.

With the help of our advanced search algorithm, customers can search and compare medicines.

Salt/Medicine Info:

Find salt composition and useful information about the medicines before buying them.

Find a substitute product:

Customers can find cheaper substitute products for prescribed medicines based on composition/salt.

Upload Medicine order:

The easy option to upload a medicine order directly from your phone makes it easy for the clients to take a photo and upload it immediately. Clients can choose the photo from the gallery also. This feature is vital for consumers as well as pharmacy owners as it ensures that pharmacy owners are free from liability and that consumers also get what they want.

Keep your medicine order securely:

We always keep your medicine order securely. So, even if you misplace your physical medicine order you can always refer to a digital copy of your medicine order securely stored on our servers.


Here pharmacy store owners can classify products into various categories like ‘Top Selling Products’, ‘Seasonal Products’, etc., and give them preference to show them on the front page. You can provide discounts on specific products or categories.

Sort and Filter options:

Upon searching for medicines they can set filters like X% discounts. They can also set a price range and choose medicines from selected brands also.

In Sort options, They have the standard interface, Recommended option, Name wise sorting, Price (Low - High) as well as Price (High - Low) options.

Manage Orders:

This section allows you to see your order status, record your order history, and also allows you to easily re-order. Order information is fairly detailed and contains all the relevant factors like order ID, Order date, Delivery date, Amount, Discount, Coupon details, Order items, Attached medicine order, etc.

Manage Profile:

Each client can sign up with their id and password so it is more organized and easier for you as well as them to manage their accounts. Here users can update their details also.

My Addresses:

Have more than one address? Don’t worry. Users can manage their multiple addresses from there. They can modify their address also.  During checkout, they can choose where to deliver their order.

Refill management:

Customers can choose to set Refill Medicine and be assured that they never run out of essential medicines. Customers have the option to modify the schedule of refills.

Set Reminders:

Never forget to take your medication with this feature. This feature allows users to set reminders with descriptions so that they always take their medicines on time. Later on, you can modify your reminders also.

Wallet Support:

Customers can load balances conveniently in the ‘My Wallet.’ This enables users to make hassle-free orders. They do not have to enter OTP or enter card details every time they make a purchase. 

This feature allows pharmacy owners to refund directly into the wallet in a seamless manner. They can leverage customers to use the ‘My Wallet’ feature by giving promotional discounts and coupons.

Refer & Earn:

Spread the word easily. Easy sharing of the app enables clients to share the app with prospective customers directly from the App itself. 

Initially, You can encourage customers to share the app with others by providing them with credits based on the number of referred customers who joined.

Aggregate all your social media accounts into the app:

For greater convenience, You can aggregate all your social media accounts into one place. The customers can follow your social media pages directly from there.

Send Feedback:

The easy-to-send feedback option gives you a chance to get live feedback from your clients and improve your services accordingly.


Answering the same questions over and over again is a hideous task. To overcome this, We have added the FAQ tab fairly visible in the menu so you don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

About us:

You can put information about your store and your address in this tab. You have complete authority to write whatever you want about yourself.


Customers can share their experiences by posting their ratings on the Play Store.

Everything is designed just for YOU.

The Apps and websites are equipped with all the necessary features that may come in handy for pharmacy shop owners as well as customers. On top of that, Our products can be tweaked to suit client requirements.

Payment Support:

Our Apps and websites support many payment gateways so that your customers can always avail of coupons and various promotional offers from different payment gateways like Paytm, PayPal, etc.


We give utmost respect to user privacy. The security of user data is robust which is evident from the fact that our data has never been breached or compromised in any way. We also comply with GDPR and other relevant local rules and regulations.

Customer-friendly intuitive UI:

We have designed our User Interface in such a way that it is easily accessible to customers and clients alike. Furthermore, over the years we have made some crucial changes to our products to make them efficient.

Enticing Graphics and Lucid Animations:

We have crafted enticing in-app graphics to make them enticing to the consumers. This ensures that customers never get bored and thoroughly enjoy their shopping experience. This prompts them to spend more time on the app. To ensure customer satisfaction we have included lucid animations in the App.


We are determined to provide reliable, secure, and affordable solutions to our clients. We offer a superior online shopping experience, which includes ease of navigation and absolute transactional security with affordable pricing.

24*7 Support:

Our team of highly skilled professionals will always be there to help you, whenever you need them, even after the delivery of the product. We have call support, chat support, and also email support. 

After Sales Support:

To facilitate the smooth work of the platform after its deployment, EMedStore will take care of all the technical issues including bug fixes. Our team of Digital marketing executives and Technical support executives will be there to provide after-sales support.

Up to Date, Always!

We keep all our software up to date with relevant trends and technologies. So that our clients do not have to worry about being left behind.

Robust Architect:

When you take your business online, Your pharmacy app is well poised to receive traffic en masse, and we know that! And we have prepared for that. Our Apps and websites are well equipped to handle sudden and large traffics. So, no matter how many orders you get, Your app is never going to crash.

Expand your Business:

A good online pharmacy app should integrate all these important points. 

We help you to take your business online and expand your market reach. We believe in consistent experience, So no matter whether you use our Android app, iOS app, or Website you will enjoy our trademark lucid experience on all the platforms. Take the free demo of our services here, which will help you to expand your user base. 

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