Pharmacies nowadays are looking to adopt the online pharmacy app, development model. There are various reasons for this. One is to get ahead of the competition. In any country, a vast majority of medical patients are unaware of the online mode of shopping and they are still used to making those arduous trips to the chemist stores to buy their medicines.

But the ones who keep abreast with times are looking to buy the same over the internet and stats show the number of such customers is on the increase. Very soon pharmacies that restrict themselves to selling over the counter will find themselves lagging behind in the race.

DEVELOPING APPS – THE WAY TO GO IN 2018! invites existing and wannabe pharmacists to join the league of Online Pharmacy or Medical store website development companies. EMedStore is confident that it can beat the competition simply because of the vast amount of experience it has accumulated in this field. They are 5 years old and therefore one can say they are well established, also the fact that they have developed over 120 apps speaks highly of their expertise.

They have hands-on experts who will help in online pharmacy app development. They promise to go the distance in the sense that they will be by your side until the pharmacy is fully functional on the web. EMedStore does the app development under 2 heads –pharmacy android app development and pharmacy iOS app development. This ensures that a customer can log onto the pharmacy from any kind of mobile phone. More and more people are buying data plans for their phones and EMedStore wants to exploit the full potential of the population using data services.


And that’s not all! Marketing services are provided to the clients by EMedStore to help them devise marketing strategies. Consultancy is provided free of charge regarding various sales methods to be adopted. Tips on sales methods are very useful since EMedStore prides itself on the expertise it has developed in this field.


So how to go about building an impressive pharmacy business app? Well, it’s quite simple actually. The pharmacist simply has to log in to the EMedStore website and ask for a quote. The company gets back to him with one hour and approximate time duration to build an app for pharmacists which is generally 5 days or less to help him develop a wonderful pharmacy business app.


Ultimately what is the goal of EMedStore? Well, it plans to help make the pharmacist community a closely-knit community and ensure that pharmacists all over the world are abreast of the latest technology. Consumer habits all over the world are changing as they latch onto the various benefits provided by Information Technology.

EMedStore aims at preparing the pharmacist community for ever-changing consumer behavior. Bringing in stats to highlight the latest consumer behavior, it is predicted that 70% of online users would be choosing online shopping as the way to shop by 2018.

Currently, 9 out of 10 chronic patients want medicines at home rather than going to purchase local pharmacy shop.  It would be fair to say that shifting the pharmacies onto the internet pharmacy would be the only feasible option left to pharmacists all over the world.

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