The online pharmacy sector expects regulations to be streamlined by the end of this year, Prashant Tandon, CEO of 1mg and president of the India Internet Pharmacy Association, said in an interview. Edited excerpts:

How has regulation been a pain for e-pharmacy startups?
In the last two years, many pharmacies had to shut down because they were harassed by the local players. When a medicine inspector comes to a vendor he knows only the Medicines and Cosmetics Act. We need to see it in light of the IT Act, which supersedes all other acts in terms of applicability.

What we have been asking is that since the IT Act supersedes all other Acts in terms of applicability, all of that needs to be harmonized and communicated through one notification. That, the government has taken a very positive stance on that but hasn’t yet introduced any notification. We have been assured that work is in progress towards that. But the local harassment has reduced. read more.

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