Online Pharmacy is going to be the next big evolution that will impact billions of lives and bring a healthy behavioral change to safer and more convenient tomorrow.

The growth of the Internet has given rise to various technology-driven models, to access and serve consumers in a fast-paced and efficient way. One of the progressive technology models that have evolved in the last few years is telemedicine which has enabled access to the finest doctors at the click of a button. Another recent innovation that has positioned itself as an attractive model in the healthcare space is E-pharmacy.

E-Pharmacy is one of the technological advancements which is likely to bridge this gap by providing easy and affordable access to medicines to the consumer at their doorstep at a mere finger click. Moreover, the concept will also provide proper awareness to the buyer regarding the appropriate medicinal remedies.

Buying medicines online is a different culture altogether. These are still early days for Online Pharmacy in India, which means that potentially there is an immense place for growth. 

Currently, secure web-based platforms are available with few providers to support enhanced pharmacy services and public health initiatives. The wide use of these will increase and also web platforms will be used as a communication portal to make information available to pharmacists.

Following the recent protest against online sales of medicines, the Government of India is considering taking measures to regulate it. The Medicines Controller General of India (DCGI) which regulates the sale of medications in India also initiated the formation of a committee to look into these matters in detail and come up with regulations and frameworks for legal operations of online medicine stores. Once these regulations are in place, the sale of medicines online may reach a new level.

Check out the future of online pharmacy on the world level.

There are several benefits to the buyer from online sales of medicines. The most widely publicized benefit is the ease of purchase and the ability to buy medicine without having to travel for it. Nevertheless, buyers will always need to be careful about spurious products being sold for throwaway prices.


Nevertheless, the lack of proper regulations regarding the online sale of medicines has led to the formation of numerous online pharmacies promising quality medicines at the cheapest price!


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