Pharma distribution software solution for pharmaceuticals, surgical, pharmacy and medical distributors, suppliers, distributors, stockists, and super stockists.


            Specially designed for Pharma Distributors and Wholesale Super stockists to manage inventory control, Seamless offer & expiry claim to track and Fulfil orders quickly & accurately.

            Are you a pharma distributor, or stockist full of medical supplies? Are you dealing with the same business owners since times immemorial but want to expand your horizon? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. EMedStore offers a one-stop solution to help you make your business reach out to a wide range of businesses around the world. We will make a medical pharmacy app for you.

             With our special B2B medicine suppliers and pharma distributor app, you don't have to make an additional inventory or have special staff work on it. We save your cost by automating the whole process with the help of our medicine mobile app. Moreover, you can have the medical application customized as per your needs and requirements. With our pool of experience, we can adapt to all kinds of requirements. We save you money and give you a high return on your investments. This can be the right next step for you in order to expand your business.

Here are some top advantages of using online medicine app

 These are only some of the advantages of using a medicine order app. Moreover, these apps are available for both iOS and Android users, so the only sky is your limit when you collaborate with EMedStore.

          Above all, our relationship does not end once the app is made. Our relationship begins there! Our support team is also available for you to offer you round-the-clock assistance in case you get stuck somewhere. We take full responsibility for our App and totally assure you that we will assist you throughout the process.

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