Hospitals are considered as life-givers but they require the vital support of pharmacies without which they would be rendered useless. Pharmacies have been around for just about as long as hospitals but a trend is fast emerging which might render conventional pharmacies obsolete. Patients no longer want to make that trip to the pharmacy to obtain the medicines that they need. Also with the increased awareness, they look for services other than those provided by conventional pharmacies. These needs are catered to by the online pharmacy business.

India's Newfound Passion For Online Shopping!

A major part of the Indian population is illiterate but in spite of that, the sheer number of internet users in India is mind-boggling mainly due to the fact that India has a large population and also because of the rapid urbanization of the masses. The average Indian does not lag behind his western counterpart when it comes to online shopping or making use of websites like Amazon and eBay. Internet companies around the world and in India are aware of this fact and therefore they have decided to take the concept of online shopping a step further. They refuse to restrict themselves to the sales of consumer durables and luxury items over the internet and thus the birth of pharma IT companies. Companies like have been around for a while but there has been an addition of a very promising company to that list. Here we are talking about EMedStore.

Check Before You Buy!

EMedStore is India's first and most popular Medical Store App Development company for pharmacies all over the country.  It is essentially an app that patients can run on their phones. So a patient can order his medicines while he is on the move. And it's not just about placing the order the company ensures that the medicines are delivered to his doorstep via mail or parcels. Considering the hassle that he is relieved of, his loyalty to the company is ensured and it is guaranteed that he will keep coming back to the company for all his medical needs not just on one occasion but for all times to come. Further, the company provides a database for all the medicines it has in stock. So it does away with the need for manual searching. There is the facility of searching for all types of medicines, whether they are from the patient's previous medical history or the new ones that he has been prescribed. The patient also has the liberty of checking if the medicine carries a particular ‘salt' in other words, he can check the entire composition of the medicine as that is listed along with the medicine name. So he is a hundred percent satisfied before he finally adds the medicine to his shopping cart or before he proceeds to pay for the same.

EMedStore is revolutionizing the way pharmacies operate in India. Gone are the days of standing in long queues to buy your stock of medicines and the ease of ordering medicines with a click of the button is here to stay. Check out the Online Pharmacies App - Advantages and Future of Pharma Industry.

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