The benefits of an Online Pharmacy are multiple, the primary of them being a larger customer base and more orders per day for a pharmacy. The costs required to achieve this are marginal as compared to the cost of setting up an actual pharmacy.

The main cost for any pharmacy is the cost of procuring medicines. An Online Pharmacy is no different. The medicines are procured at market rates and there is no compromise in those expenses.

For a physical pharmacy, there is a need for a physical store to sell these procured medicines to generate revenue and profits. An online Pharmacy, in contrast, does not require a physical store for selling its merchandise and thus saves on both infrastructure costs and recurring costs like electricity and maintenance. This is a great cost reduction as most large pharmacies need to operate 12 hours a day, incurring huge maintenance and electrical costs.

There is a cost involved in maintaining the infrastructure that involves the hardware and software that run the Online Pharmacy Website and the Online Pharma app. These costs, however, are less frequent and are mostly on a need-to-do basis. The costs are also extremely less in comparison to physical pharmacy maintenance costs.

Another cost that is involved in an Online Pharma, is the shipping and delivery costs. These costs are much more frequent for an Online Pharma and they may not be existing in a physical pharmacy unless they also provide a delivery service. However, most Online Pharma Companies charge shipping and delivery costs to the customer, rather than having to incur them themselves. This is a fairly common practice and it is also generally acceptable among customers to pay the delivery charges.

The larger user base in an Online Pharma results in more orders per day and more sales of medicine than in a regular pharmacy. This means that the profit that a pharmacy makes by selling the medicine is increased by as much as twofold in some cases.

An increase in revenue without having to bear the large costs of maintaining the physical store makes Online Pharmacies a great choice for pharmacists who want to generate more revenue with a minimal investment. To get more information check out the Online Pharmacy Business Model.

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