“The estimated size of the Indian e-Pharmacy market is Rs. 1000 crore, 1% of Indian Pharma retail Industry”

  • West Bengal, Karnataka, and Haryana rank in the top 3 in India on searching ‘Online medicine app’
  • About 8.5 lakh offline chemists’ livelihood is threatened in India with the ePharmacy

A  prevailing internet search engine, Google’s analytical platform Google Trends shows India is looking for online medicine apps’ more than different nations do. Following India, UAE, Nepal, and Pakistan are the countries in the rank list that are looking for medicines and healthcare service platforms online.

Google Trends’ information also shows India is positioned among the top five nations on most applicable search terms on online medical apps. Some usually search terms utilized during goggling are ‘buy online medicine’, ‘medical app’, ‘Buy Medicines’, etc.

Further, on analyzing Indian states for a similar search term, it is observed West Bengal, Haryana, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Delhi have been the top five states where people have googled online medicines and medical applications. The graph is scaled from 0 to 100. The graph does not speak to the real number of searches, however, it sets the most elevated number in the series as 100 and after that standardizes every other data in the series to this number.

The rajasthan-based health service provider said, “With the expanding concern over lifestyle sicknesses and some particular infection, access to basic healthcare is becoming challenging due to inadequate infrastructure and resources, principally because of the absence of smart data management and logistics management. Yet, on the other hand, the population is getting more tech-savvy and requesting convenient ways to get healthcare services. The above insights by Google trend help motivate all stakeholders in the Indian healthcare ecosystem to put an aggregate effort to accomplish more extensive appropriation of mHealth in India.”

In India, the evaluated size of the ePharmacy market is Rs. 1000 Cr. which is only 1% of the customary Indian Pharma market. It is assumed that by 2025 it may increase up to 10-15% of the total size. With this expected growth of ePharmacy or mHealth, the challenges in the livelihood of 8.5 lakh offline chemists will also rise.

The scope for adopting mHealth as an alternate healthcare solution is booming because 82% of internet users in India have said they cannot live without the internet, as per the recent survey by Ipsos. The number of mobile internet users in India will reach 500 million by June and by 2020 and the nation will have an expected 702 million Smartphone users, said specialists at the seventh edition of the India Internet Day, recently held in New Delhi.

The statics demonstrates that an ever-increasing number of Indians are accessing the Internet and that too on their mobile phones. This eminent and gradual change in behavior is a significant factor for mHealth adoption. Free-of-cost availability of mHealth apps can possibly make a difference.

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