Laboratories are going through various transactions, in order to work at the same pace with the increasing workload. Earlier not many people were prescribed by the doctor to go for laboratory tests as they lack the technology and were quite expensive. But with the changing scenario of science and technology, the workload of the laboratories has increased a lot.

Lab Information Management app has been the emerging technological development that has incapable the labs of adequately manage samples and associated information, which has likewise led to appropriate communication between the users like doctors, patients, and the laboratories researcher. It helps in performing different tasks like billing, accounting, patient registration, maintaining historical records, etc.

Key Features of Lab Information Management App:

  • Manage Inventory:
    • Labs need to manage lots of inventories like tubes, report files, equipment, etc. And cannot afford to waste time managing them, LIMA helps them to manage all the things in the app and allows them to get knowledge of any inventory within seconds.
  • Customer Communication:
    • LIMA stores all the data of the customer with their reports and contact details. Once all the reports are assured and checked it automatically communicates all the details to the customer through email notification.
  • Accurate Testing:
    • Once you set some standards, it plays a key role in assuring that each of the test results is in per standardized manner or not an analysis workflow testing results with acute range.
  • Manage samples:
    • LIMA helps you to manage the entire samples in the lab. It allocates a unique code to each of the samples which helps in the identification of it. Sample information includes all the vital data like a test to be performed, name and other details of the patent, etc. These data are available both offline and online.

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If you are still using the traditional approach then we hope this article would help you to get insights into the features of LIMA. Integrating LIMA into the work could be a lot beneficial for both customers as well as for the scientist and the management of the firm. Ideally, it is very much helpful in managing clinical labs.