What is an online pharmacy?

An online pharmacy is an internet-based seller that sells medicines and prescribed drugs to customers and delivers the orders with the help of mail or shipping companies.

The growth of e-pharmacy/online pharmacy is accredited by 16% to the ever-increasing number of internet users, increased access to web services throughout the world, and increased e-prescription techniques adopted by hospitals throughout the world.

The e-pharmacy app development helps to cut down the chain of distributors by directly providing medicines to end-users at a lesser and more reasonable price. 

According to a survey conducted by Statista, the online pharmacy market size in 2014 in the US alone was recorded at $29.4 billion which is quite high. The survey also calculated and forecasted the growth will be around $128 billion at the end of 2023 which is considered to be growing at a very fast scale.

Online pharmacies are increasing at a rapid rate just because of their scope.

Online pharmacies have two main components technology and a physical retail store

  1. Technology :

         Online pharmacies mostly rely on web-based or online pharmacy app for consumers to upload the scanned copies of their prescriptions for placing orders. Whenever an order is placed using the online pharmacy, the order is checked by a group of in-house and consulting pharmacists to verify that the prescriptions are completely original and not forged.

  1. Physical Retail Store :

         The supplier pharmacists will recheck the prescriptions in all medicine databases and if they are not valid, they will not dispense the order. If the order is dispensed, it should be sealed and not tampered unless it reaches the customer. There should be proper documentation regarding every purchase order made over the online pharmacy because if there is any mistake then it can cost the lives of individuals.

An online pharmacy platform is an effective model that helps to reach more customers, helps in better inventory management, better purchasing margins, competitive and reduced prices for medicines, options for generic medicines.

Researches regarding the growth and scope of online pharmacy clearly state that Asia and Pacific are two regions registering the fastest growth rate of 15.3% over the next few years because of the increasing population in these two areas. China and India are two countries with the highest population base, so they possess high growth potential.

The online pharmacy model has a high success ratio in China and India due to the increased demand for consumer health care products in these regions.

Even if the online pharmacy has a wide scope in today’s world, there are currently some challenges it faces.

  1. On the off chance that an online drug store needs to go past OTC medications, they should have the option to "read" a solution against which to sell the medication. As of now, there's no technique to consequently examine a paper remedy and read it. All the better they can do right presently is get the patient to check the paper solution and send them the picture which is perused by an individual and afterward the medication sold. Another technique is the place the patient puts in a request, the drug store sends a person over with the meds, yet conveys simply after cross-checking with the real solution at the client's place. These strategies are wasteful, can't be scaled up and are inclined to blunders.
  2. At this point, there's the uncertainty in IT laws in regards to the treatment of sensitive information, on perceiving the legitimacy of advanced solutions. For instance, is a specialist's mark on an examined duplicate substantial? Or then again should a pdf record containing an advanced mark be required?
  3. There is an absence of lucidity on permitting. In the event that a virtual drug store sells products however doesn't genuinely hold any of it, should it get a pharma permit or not. What's more, if not, in what manner would it be a good idea for one to approach permitting it to sell the drugs? Is it the merchant or a commercial center? In the event that it's the commercial center, who'll direct the merchants?

There are some problems currently with the online pharmacy model but it does not deny the fact that it has recorded significant growth since its inception.

One of the main reasons for the growth of online pharmacy is that visiting a physical pharmacy is a mundane task, it’s not like you have to go to the pharmacy and choose from a variety of products, so buying medicines online is an effective option here.

Now is an effective time to take your pharmacy online, because as it is in the developing phase, you will get an advantage to get an edge over to your competitors and establish yourself as a stronger business with a wider clientele to cater. Keeping lucrative offers in the beginning phase will only help you to attract more and more clients into buying pharmacy online.

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